Venturelab news : Interview avec Caroline Widmer

« No matter what happens … learn as much as possible » — Interview with Caroline Widmer of -Pulse at HES-SO Geneva

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During the summer months, we ask people who stimulate the Swiss startup ecosystem to provide the Venturelab community with food for thought, inspiration, and recommendations. For this year’s Summer Series, we’ll be interviewing personnel from the country’s leading higher education institutions about the diverse and unique programs available to support rising entrepreneurs across Switzerland. This week, we speak to Caroline Widmer of -Pulse Incubator at HES-SO Geneva.

Name: Caroline Widmer
Job title: Director of -Pulse Incubateur HES
City: Geneva
What I do: I bring out the most innovative projects from the six applied universities of HES-SO Geneva by accompanying them in their first steps towards entrepreneurship and by opening doors in the networks of the Swiss innovation ecosystem.  

How would you summarize the mission of the -Pulse Incubator? 
-Pulse helps innovative and high-potential projects from the six applied universities of HES-SO Geneva to emerge and contribute to the economic development of the region.

What are the main programs/resources offered by the -Pulse Incubator?
-Pulse is first and foremost a community to rely on. It is also a place to meet and share ideas while pursuing three phases of six months each, during which the entrepreneurs are coached and have access to many thematic workshops. Each phase gives access to numerous advantages including prizes that reward the most deserving projects.

Pour découvrir la suite de l’interview c’est par ICI.